Home Finishing Samples and Furniture Swatches

Brisas del Mar Home Finishes

Below are exact images of the finishes within each Brisas home. Each image is labeled as it relates to its location in the home. There is no customization with any of the tiles, granite or cupboards.

Main Floor Tile (60cm x 60cm)

Kitchen Countertop Granite


Bathroom Tile (Anti-Slip)

Shower Surround Tile

Bathroom Sinks (Corian)

Furniture Stains & Swatches

Each of the below wood stains and fabric choices will be available for almost all* of your customized furniture pieces. Please refer to each specific Furniture Package page, to make your selections. These images are for reference and direct, side-by-side comparison purposes only.

The ‘Natural Wood’ photo is to show what Cedro wood looks like – please indicate when making your wood stain choices if you prefer to allow the natural wood grain to shine by choosing ‘No Stain’ for a clearcoat.

Wood Stains

Natural Wood

Fabric Swatches

* If an item cannot be customized with one of these options, they will not ‘pop up’ when the selection is made.