Private Schools

Today we took a young family (new LD owners) into the local private school, ‘Futuro Verde’, so they could enroll their children into the upcoming school season. This forward-thinking school is only 20 minutes from Los Delfines and goes beyond just reading, writing and arithmetic… With a ‘holistic’ approach to learning, and a focus on critical thinking and self-awareness, Futero Verde is not only an incredible asset to our community and area, it’s also an ‘IB World School’, which means that all children (JK to Grade 12) graduate with an International Baccalaureate Degree, allowing them to go to College or University anywhere in the world.
This school continues to amaze our team – and our buyers! Here are just a few more reasons why:
  • The student body (136 students!) consists of children from 33 countries.
  • The faculty is represented by 11 countries.
  • There is already a school bus that travels right in front of Los Delfines to pick up students.
  • The average annual tuition is $4,000 a year, per child. This includes breakfast and lunch; and they provide a 15% discount for families with more than one child enrolled.
  • After-school programs run the gamut – from ballet and gymnastics to basketball and swimming. Most are free, some are a minimal fee ($20 a month extra).
  • Futuro Verde is tri-lingual (Spanish, French & English).
  • The only library on the Nicoya Peninsula is located in Futuro Verde! In addition to books for all ages, this library also has an agreement with the San Jose International Airport to receive all ‘expired’ magazines (Time, Macleans, National Geographic, etc.) that they don’t sell – perfect for parents in the area to enjoy!
  • A brand new science lab, music studio, agricultural area (garden and chicken coop) and commemorative 10-year anniversary garden all help to make this one of sthe most dynamic schools in all of Costa Rica!
Ask us to arrange a tour during your visit. Or, for more information, check out their website: