Wood Furniture Shops


When travelling throughout Costa Rica, it’s not uncommon to see beautiful, locally made wood products being sold outside of individual residences and in many boutique shops; woodworking is a coveted trade in Costa Rica and one that is often passed down through generations.

The wood shops we work with are located throughout Costa Rica, with one of them being conveniently located near the community of Los Delfines. Our required needs – 100 chairs, or a custom one-of-a-kind piece – are what dictate which wood shop we work with. In all cases, local artisans are employed and are proud to produce spectacular furniture and decorative pieces for our residents. Using wood native to Costa Rica and an eye for fine detail, our wood shops can create items for your home that will infuse local Costa Rican culture with your personal tastes, stand the test of time in a tropical climate and all at a much more affordable rate then buying retail.

In addition to supplying stunning pieces to our community residents and the surrounding Nicoya Peninsula, our affiliations extend throughout the country. This means even more variety from a broad spectrum of artisans to our customers.

The wood shops that we work with are not open to the public, and in some cases are very difficult to find. As the relationships we have with our artisans are proprietary to our company, we do not promote personal visits. However, if you would like a personal tour, we would be pleased to schedule one for you! Please Contact us for availability.

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