Home Owner Association Fees

Peace of mind, beautifully manicured public spaces, a welcoming gathering place; these are just a few examples of what the monthly Home Owners Association (HOA) fee covers when you own a Villa within the Los Delfines community.
So why a monthly fee? Aside from the earlier points mentioned, the HOA is in place, and has been for the past decade, to not only uphold the current professionalism and beauty of this community, but to also ensure the property values – for both existing and new homes – maintain and continue to appreciate.
The bonus of purchasing a Villa within a community such as Los Delfines, that’s already been in existence for years, is that the HOA fee is already established. The amount isn’t an ‘estimation’… the only way the fee will increase is through a unanimous vote of the Home Owners Association.
Below, we’ve provided a breakdown of what goes into the successful running of Los Delfines, and how the monthly fees are spent. Under the professional management of Rolando Badilla, you can see for yourself that there is much more to ensuring a community such as this thrives and is prosperous for not only the owners, but also the guests that rent and visit here.
Become a Villa owner to receive a full financial report of how your HOA fees are being spent. Contact us HERE to learn more!
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