Brisas del Mar Furniture Packages

Furnishing your Brisas del Mar home, whether for you and your family’s personal enjoyment, or for the functional purpose of ensuring your renters have the best experience possible, is almost as exciting as the building process of the house itself!

The Palm

All the essentials you need to enjoy your Brisas home, while still allowing to add your own personal touches and customization at your own pace. The Palm offers incredible value, while maintaining a comfortable and classy feel that you and/or your renters will enjoy.

The Hibiscus

Just like its namesake, this furniture package is beautiful, easy to take care of and comes in a variety of options! The Hibiscus is a premium choice that gives you the opportunity to customize your living, dining and bedroom spaces.

The Orchid

If luxury and the ‘extra’s’ are what you’re looking for, The Orchid is for you. Upgraded bedding, design elements and a well-appointed kitchen perfect for entertaining guests make this furniture package ideal for even the most discerning Brisas owners.