Brisas del Mar – Steel & Concrete Construction

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The newest project being built in the community of Los Delfines is going to be the most advanced, strongest and efficient build project yet!

All ‘Brisas del Mar’ owners will/have received a detailed construction method and material document which has been provided to us from our builder. To receive a copy of this document please Contact us.

Constructed with commercial grade steel, we are entering into a new era of building standards for tropical construction. Although not the cheapest way to build, this method of construction delivers superior strength, structural integrity and a finished product that is typically reserved for the custom home market Although popular throughout North America, Europe and Australia for decades, this type of construction is fairly new to Central America, and has been reserved for custom home building. The reason? It’s been too expensive… but with 97 homes being built all at once, this method of construction is now an affordable option.

Some interesting and important points to note about a steel-frame construction home:

Stronger. Built to withstand up to a Category 4 hurricane. However, interesting side note: Costa Rica’s Nicoya Peninsula (our area) hasn’t had a hurricane in recorded history (166 years). In addition, these homes are built to exceed all seismic requirements.

Cooler. Thermal ‘R Rating’ of R10. This minimizes heat transfer from outside of the home, ultimately saving in energy costs.

Quieter. Provides an STC (Sound Transmission Class) of 46. This rating is used to classify a building’s resistance to airborne sound transmission. By comparison, a concrete home has an STC of 44.

Dryer. Antimicrobial and moisture resistant; ideal for tropical climates, flood resistant. Materials recommended by FEMA.

Safer. Non-combustible.

Smarter. Consistent quality of materials produced to strict North American and International standards, providing less than 2% waste, lower transportation costs and a clean job site.

Healthier. Less concrete equals less dust, pollutants and hydrocarbons for our community.

The below photo gallery, provided to us by our builder/engineer, are of homes constructed by steel frame.