Area Medical, Hospitals, Pharmacies and Clinics

The ‘comforts of home’ can mean a lot of different things, but if you require medical or dental attention or have run out of your prescription, having the comfort of safe, reliable and accessible help is paramount.  
For emergency requirements, there are 2 full-service hospitals within 20 minutes of Los Delfines. Costa Rica also has a country-wide emergency phone number (2220-0911) that will promptly bring ambulance, police and fire. In both Cobano and Paquera (each 20 minutes away), we have 2 walk-in medical clinics in each town, 3 dentists in Cobano, 1 in Paquera and a total of 3 pharmacies that can fill any prescription (2 in Cobano, 1 in Paquera). If your prescription isn’t available at one of our local pharmacies, they will bring it in from San Jose for you. In addition, the Los Delfines on-site grocery store carries some basic pharmacy needs.