‘Unplugging’ is a great way to recharge your personal batteries, but let’s face it… there’s only so long we can last without a WIFI connection, cable TV or cell phone! Fortunately, the entire Nicoya Peninsula – including the Los Delfines community – is well equipped with reliable and affordable technology.

you’re wondering where to stock up on groceries and other necessities, a quick trip into one of the local towns will check everything off your list… and then some! From the freshest fruit, cheese, fish and meats to a new pair of shoes, stylish outfit or coffee maker, it’s all available no further then 15 minutes from Los Delfines.

The entire southern tip of the Peninsula is made up of dozens of towns and villages, all boasting a variety of restaurants with every type of cuisine you can imagine. Fresh sushi, stone-baked pizza, French pastries, smoothies and fruit juice, authentic Italian, 100% organic… and on and on. No matter what your taste, or the time of day; this diverse area of Costa Rica will appease every palate!