Private Schools

School Lunch

We’re frequently asked about schooling options down in Costa Rica… so, during a recent trip to the country, our team took a ‘field trip’ to one of the local private schools in Cobano, located just 15 minutes away from our newest project in the Los Delfines community.

Escuela Futuro Verde has over 100 students from all over the world, with a teaching staff that’s just as diverse! They accommodate from pre-school right up to Grade 12, and offer an ‘organic teaching environment’. Not only will your kids learn the standards – reading, writing and arithmetic – but they’ll also learn how to appreciate their surroundings, embrace the environment and cherish the diverse culture they’re immersed in.

Meals, textbooks and extra-curricular activities are all included with tuition and if you want to escape the cold winter for a month, you can enroll your kids short-term and expose them to a ‘world’ of experiences!

Children come from all over the Peninsula to attend Escuela Futuro Verde, with bus transportation being offered from the majority of areas; including the Los Delfines community. If you’d like a tour of the school during your visit to Playa Tambor, just let us know when you’re planning your trip, we’d be pleased to include it as a part of your itinerary.

Class room
Play Ground
Class Room