Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the easiest ways to reach Los Delfines?

After flying into one of two International airports (Liberia or San Jose), you can either drive to the Nicoya Peninsula or fly. Driving involves either renting a car or a driver and a 70 minute ferry ride; an overall 3-hour commute. The other option is to fly directly from the International airport in San Jose right to the airstrip in Tambor, located 1km from the Los Delfines community. This airstrip will also accept small private planes and helicopters.

2. Are there medical facilities near Los Delfines?

Yes. The closest medical (including a hospital) and dental clinics are located only a 15-minute drive in the town of Cobano. Costa Rica also has an incredibly efficient 911 service with both air and ground ambulances available.

3. Is the water safe to drink?

Yes. The Los Delfines community is equipped with 4 artesian wells that provide delicious, potable water to all of the current and future residents.

4. Are there restrictions on foreigners owning property in Costa Rica?

Foreigners have the same rights as Costa Ricans when purchasing and owning property in Costa Rica. That said, this is not the case in other Latin American countries.

Regardless of your nationality, we do recommend that you take title to your Los Delfines property through either a Costa Rican corporation (‘Sociedad Anonima’ or ‘S.A.) or limited liability company (‘Limitada’). Currently, there are many tax advantages when it comes to reselling the property at a later date should you go this route.

5. Are there time-shares in the Los Delfines community?

No. At this time, all properties in Los Delfines are full ownership.

6. I’ve heard that buying beachfront in Costa Rica is risky, or even impossible. Is this the case in Los Delfines?

No. Although the majority of Costa Rica’s beachfront is held in concession by the government, the properties along the beach in Los Delfines are passed on in fee-simple ownership. All Los Delfines homes and properties lie outside of the 50-meter setback from the high tide mark on land that was ‘grandfathered’ in with fee simple title when the Maritime Law was ratified in 1977.

7. Does owning property in Los Delfines automatically qualify me for residency in Costa Rica?

No. However, if obtaining residency is something you would like to explore, we can certainly put you in touch with a reputable residency lawyer. That said, it’s important to note that it’s not necessary to have residency to own property in Costa Rica or to spend time in Costa Rica.

8. At what rate will my Villa appreciate?

We are not able to guarantee a specific rate of appreciation on your property. However, based on history within the Los Delfines community, suffice to say that current owners have seen tremendous returns on their properties, making Los Delfines one of the most successful and sought-after communities in all of Costa Rica. You are welcome to contact us for more details on your property’s potential rate of appreciation.

9. Can I rent out my Villa?

Absolutely! The Villa, and the land that it sits on, is 100% yours. You have the option to include your property as part of our Rental Program or you can manage the rental of it on your own. For further information on rates and occupancy projections, please contact us.

10. Are there any restrictions on the resale of property?

As the owner of the property, you are not restricted by any means when it comes to the resale of it. Currently, Century 21 leases office space within the Los Delfines Clubhouse and they handle the majority of resale’s within the community.

11. Are there maintenance fees?

Yes, each project within the Los Delfines community has it’s own determined HOA (Home Owners Association) fee. The fee for a Villa will be approximately $150 per month. For a complete list of what is covered in your HOA fee, go HERE. Once you are a property owner, we would be pleased to share how the funds are allocated.

12. What can I expect to pay in taxes?

Property taxes in Costa Rica are much lower then in North America and can be paid either annually or quarterly, depending on your preference. Currently, they are set at 0.25% of your property’s registered value.

13. Is financing available?

In-country financing (Costa Rica) is very difficult when purchasing property within Los Delfines. That said, it’s important to note that interest rates in Costa Rica are 5-6 points higher then in Canada or the United States. Because of this, most of our customers secure financing in North America when purchasing a Los Delfines property.

14. Are pets allowed in Los Delfines?

Pets are allowed, as long as they remain on a leash when off your property and are not a threat towards other residents; many folks already living in the community have cats and dogs living with them.

15. How many residences are currently in Los Delfines?

To date, there are a few hundred varied residences in the Los Delfines community. There is a mix of single-family homes, semi-detached homes and 2-story condominiums.